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SeatGeek Review 2017 – Is SeatGeek Legit?

The number of online ‘event ticket’ providers have shot up exponentially, and braving the storm is one such event ticket provider, SeatGeek. SeatGeek provide, under one roof, tickets to sporting events, concerts, and theatre shows. But a question pops in our head, as it always does when trying a new website or application for the first time, is SeatGeek legit?…

To answer, let me first list their credentials. Founded in 2009 by Russell D’souza and Jack Groetzinger, SeatGeek was launched at TechCrunch50 where it was named one of the top 5 start-ups by VentureBeat and CNET.
They continued to grow with mammoth steps over the years. Receiving huge sums in seed money, roping in investors and backers like Sunil Hirani, Ashton Kutcher and NYC Seed, obtaining partners like Yahoo Sport and acquiring rival companies like FanSnap are only few of the feathers in their cap.
So, if you are still wondering, is SeatGeek legit, you can rest assured. Our verdict is that they are.

SeatGeek Review 2017 – What They Do

As mentioned earlier in this review, they are a platform for consumers to find, compare and book, tickets to various events around the globe, like sports, music concerts, theatre tickets, tickets to comedy shows and even WWE tickets! Their services can be accessed via a website or mobile application. You can narrow down your search by venue, artist, team or event.

On their website (or app), you can select an event and compare ticket prices across other platforms, use their interactive 3-d map to select the best seat, check their review for which platform and seat is the most lucrative, track the event once a booking is placed and receive notifications about your event to keep you up to date.
Booking tickets has never been this easy. Continue reading our SeatGeek Review to find out more about them.

SeatGeek Review 2017 – The Pros

Earlier in our SeatGeek review, we explained some very useful features of the ticket booking platform. One amazing feature that is most useful, is their forecast feature. This particular service of theirs has been applauded across multiple SeatGeek reviews and that is why it has a special mention in this SeatGeek review.
You can login to their site/app and pick your favourite artists, teams or events. Then all you do is sit back and relax. SeatGeek keeps you updated about your team or artist’s upcoming events, their locations, the different ticket vendors, the cheapest available tickets, the best seats and with this arsenal of information, you can pick the most affordable choice.

No wonder all SeatGeek reviews on the internet praise these guys. They are most deserving of it in terms of providing customer ease and like other SeatGeek reviews, we approve of them as well.

SeatGeek Review 2017 – The Cons

Everything under this blue sky has both pros and cons. Although this tool has been a darling of most SeatGeek reviews, it does have its cons. If SeatGeek could sift through their multiple results and pick the top 5 for consumers to choose, it would be a huge relief. The gargantuan number of choices sometimes become a major hassle, creating more confusion than being of help.

Some SeatGeek reviews have claimed their customer service is not up to the mark. While using their app is extremely easy, the follow up service is not all that good. Again, there have been mixed sentiments among multiple SeatGeek reviews.

SeatGeek Review 2017 – The Verdict: Is SeatGeek Safe? Is SeatGeek Reliable?

A lot of people have recurring questions, rightly so, since large sums of money is involved. Is SeatGeek safe? Is SeatGeek Reliable? We scoured through SeatGeek reviews on the internet and we found mixed emotions towards this ticket booking Giant.

To answer your question, is SeatGeek safe and is SeatGeek reliable, we found more positive reviews than negative. Their backing credentials seem solid and their website and application are both, definitely easy to use. They make the booking experience seamless.

If you still have doubts about their reliability, you can simply use their app/website to look for the best deal and then book the same ticket through a different vendor.